8% Minimun guaranteed profability for a 12 months investment.

 One of the most important isues of working in excelent financial offshore countries in the world is the access to great short term and long term deals, with a combination of low or unexisting taxes.

The United Arab Emirates is really very well located between American-European and Indo-Asian societies, connecting the wealth of the world

We can introduce your company to our list of investors or you can tell us what you are looking for in order to invest.

Our experience team in Dubai could provide you consultancy services for many deals.




Events investment Exclusive, private, by invitation only. Meet serious decision makers looking to build connections and strike deals. Investments meetings will be in prestigious conference room, Armani hotel, Burj kalifa tower, held from 5pm to 9pm Dubai.


*crypto blockchain April 2022

* food agroindustry May 2022

* precious metals June 2022

* civil infraestructures September 2022

* Migrations, passports invesments October 2022

* Energy November 2022

*Health – Hospitals January 2023

  • Golden Visa Euro
  • Investment passport Dominican Republic
  • Donation passsport Paraguay
  • Green card USA
  • Startup Business license China


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